Call for papers

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Capturing 3D scenery, processing the captured data for storage and transmission, and displaying the result for creating 3D visual sensation are the main functional components of a 3DTV media system. The development of each of them is a challenging task and their seamless integration is even more challenging as the ultimate goal is to deliver full-scale, very realistic, immersive and interactive 3D service and applications to the consumers.

The conference involves a wide range of disciplines: imaging and computer graphics, audio processing, signal processing, telecommunications, electronics, optics, physics, games and entertainment, multimodal applications, AR/VR and UX/UI design. Professionals from these areas are cordially invited to participate at 3DTV-CON 2017. The conference will consist of tutorials, plenary talks, and special and regular sessions on the conference themes as listed below.

  • 3D audio-visual scene capture and reconstruction techniques,
  • Holographic camera techniques,
  • Multi-view and multi-sensor imaging
  • Synchronization and calibration of multiple cameras,
  • Light field and plenoptic imaging,
  • 3D data representation and processing,
  • 3D tracking and geo-referencing,
  • 3D audio capturing and processing
  • Coding systems and transmission technologies for 3D,
  • Error resilience and error concealment of 3D video
  • Light field and hologram data,
  • Spatial audio coding and processing,
  • Projection and display technologies for 3D scenes,
  • Stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic display techniques,
  • Light field display technologies,
  • Holographic display technologies,
  • Reduced and full parallax systems
  • Integral imaging techniques, optics and VLSI technology,
  • 3D motion analysis, animation and eye-tracking,
  • Quality of 3D experience,
  • Multimodal experience,
  • Interaction with 3D content,
  • User experience/3D interfaces,
  • Visual attention, emotional effects
  • Games and entertainment,
  • Serious games,
  • 3D content-based retrieval and recognition,
  • Virtual studios,
  • 3D tele-immersion and remote collaboration
  • AR and VR applications / 3D applications and services
  • 360° videos

PAPER SUBMISSION: Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers, four-pages long, in double-column format including authors’ names, affiliations, and short abstract. Papers will be collected only by electronic submission through the conference site. As with all the previous editions of the 3DTV Conference, the papers presented at the 3DTV-CON 2017 will be published to IEEEXplore Digital Library.

Call for papers